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Animal Crossing New Leaf hints & tips!


These tips are great for new players, or experts who need a lil reminding!

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qr codes for the path i’m using requested by anon~ :)
this is part 1 of 3
not my design, just sharing it.

part 1/ part 2/ part 3


I’ve been so wrapped up in selling and buying a house lately that I haven’t had much time for anything else. Did snatch a few moments last night though to draw up a new warm weather dress for all my fellow mermaid mayors out there! Still working on the historical fashion collection too, just slowly sadly…  (This and the other codes and mermaid fashions up in the archive as always!)

Also finally working through all the lovely asks and messages! thanks so much for all your patience


whovian-crosser asked for the QR dress my mayor’s been wearing, so! here it is o/


I thought that these came out cute. uwu


One of my favorite tutu and tiara outfits from the new Winter Ballet QR codes added to my website today!


Chocolate pathways with a flower border.


inner corners here

other designs pictured here